Brickhaus and Infinity Construction begin Mobilization

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

When life is unusual and all the rules for conducting business and living life are changing every day, the Carney-Brickhaus team and their strategic partners are moving along with the construction of the most Luxurious High-Concept lakefront property between New York and Chicago.



Infinity Construction has joined the team and have begun construction preparation efforts with the city of Rocky River. Infinity is working on permits, and in the coming weeks will be completing a variety of different preconstruction and construction activities: trees will be cleared, construction fencing will be going up, the construction trailers and heavy equipment will be arriving to start sitework.



We are also excited to announce that the Construction Loan has been finalized. We would like to thank our partners at Erie Bank, Tim Flenner, Jennifer Kirschstein and Wesley Gillespie who had the vision and determination to  (another word for beat out) numerous other lenders who wanted to finance this one of a kind development. Erie Bank partnered with CF Bank and Heartland Bank.



Another silver lining in these uncertain times is that our clients can take advantage of the lower interest rate financing climate and secure a mortgage at some of the lowest interest rates in history.



Lastly, with all the time that each of us has spent inside of our current residences, experts believe that the quality of one’s home environment can have a profound effect upon an individual’s psychological and physiological well- being.

At 700 lake, you will be looking forward to stay home, work from home and enjoy the company of  your friends and family





Be You at 700 LAKE!





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