Twenty Four Hundred Construction Update

Twenty Four Hundred Construction Update

Twenty Four Hundred Luxury Townhomes in Beachwood is taking shape! The new development for sale, located at 2400 Richmond Road, Beachwood, is slated for completion by early summer 2018, with first Homeowners to move in by March 2018. Exteriors are scheduled for completion by March 2018, then the landscaping will be also installed. At this point the city of Beachwood and the visitors could fully enjoy this urban oasis of unique architecture. Architecture, that is inspired by the Scandinavian modern design in Northern Europe, while respecting the traditional elements of the Beachwood neighborhood.

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There will be twelve townhomes in four buildings - each with its own distinctive look. The exteriors will vary in color, texture and materials. One will be clad in charcoal stained cedar, another in bleached cedar, a third will be done in cement board and the fourth will be covered in metal. They are being built in sequence, and the uniqueness of the whole project will be revealed later this year. “The construction schedule is a two-tiered process,” explains Construction Manager, Vince Monachino. “We have a schedule for the project as a whole, to complete all four building exteriors and the site development. We then have a separate schedule for the customized interiors.”

Over 30 trades are involved in the construction of the townhomes. “My job is to coordinate the various trades on site and make sure they all work as a team. I have to schedule and oversee them so that their work is being completed in the correct sequence, and to Brickhaus’ high standards and requirements of quality design.” The various trades include the concrete contractors who put in the foundation, the framers, roofers, siders, plumbers, electricians, etc. The first building is now framed, with roofing, windows and exterior siding to follow in the construction sequence. Foundations for the next two buildings are just being completed, and framing will start in a week. Excavation and foundation for the fourth building has just begun.

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“My primary role is to follow and execute the plans and specifications provided by our design team,” says Vince. Twenty Four Hundred is the first Brickhaus project of its type, where traditional and modern are linked together in a unique architectural expression. “Modern design looks simpler and cleaner, but is actually far more technically difficult to build.” Vince explains that in keeping abreast of the latest developments in building science, there are many choices of construction materials and systems. All of these choices have to be carefully weighed as they might also impact the finished interiors, like supporting high ceilings and allowing for open floor plans.

The second phase of the construction process involves the interior. The interior of each new home at Twenty Four Hundred remains unfinished until it is sold. “The first phase, i.e. the vertical construction, continues on track regardless,” adds Vince. Once the purchase agreement is in place, the Homeowners have the opportunity to customize their new homes. At this point, they are turned over to the Designer, Nikole Adams, and to the Construction Superintendent, Jaron Schultz, who specializes in interiors. According to Alexandra Yonkov, Principal at Brickhaus, “customization is what distinguishes our business model from other builders who have fewer, pre-determined choices”.

If you are interested in the design complexity of the Brickhaus Homes, please read our next blog article! Visit the Brickhaus website for more information about our luxury homes.


Caroline R. Merk

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