The Ultimate Guide to Brickhaus

The Ultimate Guide to Brickhaus

At Brickhaus, luxury real estate is the name of our game. We create homes and properties that are extraordinary in more ways than what you can see on the outside. Each one of our properties is an expression of the Brickhaus commitment. Luxury real estate is not something that we take lightly, and that can be seen from the moment we conceptualize an idea, to where we decide and plan a property will be built, to the help we will give you on move-in day. The best way to get to know Brickhaus is through our designs across luxury real estate in Cleveland, OH and that’s why we put together this guide for you.

Beautifully situated along the “Emerald Valley” of the Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River Reservation within the growing suburb of Fairview Park, this property allows you to be close to Kamm’s Corner, main highways, and Westgate Town Center. Not to mention, this property features state of the art ecohomes, large windows with breathtaking views, high ceilings and the opportunity to fully customize floor plan arrangement. Also featuring 7-year 100% tax abatement.

Located within the prime area of Beachwood, Ohio these luxury townhomes allow access to award-winning schools, close proximity to major highways, low residential property tax, and premier shopping. All the townhomes include modern finishes, bosch appliances, 2-car garages, outdoor patio space, and a second floor covered terrace. This project is the first of it’s kind. Contact us at to find out more!

One of the most historical and popular neighborhoods on the west side of Cleveland, the Edgewater location gives this property a little bit of everything. Overlooking Lake Erie, and the skyline of downtown, you’ll get the best of bustling downtown and an urban oasis. Also featuring 15-year 100% tax abatement.


A staple within the Brickhaus portfolio, Eleven River says luxury real estate. It’s the first geothermal multifamily development in Northeast Ohio, proving that energy efficiency is at the top of Brickhaus’ agenda. Each of the 11 Residences were custom designed by the residents. According to, “The Eleven River Luxury Townhomes will make you feel at one with nature nestled within the exposed shale cliffs that overlook Rocky River and the Cleveland Metroparks.

Lakewood, Ohio is the fasting growing suburb on the west side of Cleveland, making it the place to live right now. These eco-homes feature a first of their kind in Ohio, health-centric wellness features like air and water purification systems, posture supportive flooring systems, and oxygenated planters.

Developed in 2012, this property is located within Little Italy on East Side of Cleveland. The 27 townhomes are built on a brownfield site and are close to Case Western Reserve University and the amenities surround the school along with University Circle and Cleveland’s famous Severance Hall.


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