The Brickhaus Commitment

The Brickhaus Commitment

Whether you simply know of Brickhaus by reputation, have seen our properties, or are experiencing the luxury lifestyle of residing in one of them, we want to assure you of our commitment to the people of Northeast Ohio.


We are not “just” building houses; we are creating spaces where life ensues for its residents. This is a responsibility we take very seriously. We are pioneering a new wave of architecture in the Midwest via the design of our properties. It begins with a carefully considered site selection. The process, from design concept to finished product, can take a lot of time because we devote a great deal of thought and effort into each project in order to deliver on excellence. That is the promise of the Brickhaus Commitment.

Another aspect of our commitment to excellence involves the degree of customization we offer to buyers. This is one of the many reasons Brickhaus homes stand out from the rest. Our goal is for each residence to be a reflection of its owners and their lifestyles. The Brickhaus design team can assist with customizing a floor plan, picking out wall colors, granite and kitchen appliances. We want people to experience the excitement of creating a home that is truly their own. The result should be a place where they can envision living, entertaining and making memories in for years to come. Your investment in your home is important, so we cannot settle for anything less than perfection. That is the Brickhaus Commitment, and you can count on it.


Caroline R. Merk

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