Meet The Residents: The Walkers

Meet The Residents: The Walkers

David and Justyna were Fairview Park residents when the signs went up announcing RiverSouth, just a mile down Lorain Road from them. They jumped on the bandwagon early, got pre-construction prices and were the first to move into the development. David said he was familiar with Brickhaus from having seen Eleven River and Clifton Pointe. “We knew the quality of Brickhaus developments,” he says.

The location of RiverSouth along the Rocky River Reservation of the Metroparks was the clincher in their decision to move there. “We are avid cyclists and just all around outdoors people. We are on the trails biking, hiking, walking, jogging almost every day of the year,” says Justyna. He says the process of customization was daunting and that the costs for upgrades could easily “get out of control,” but that it went well. They loved Vince Monachino, Brickhaus construction manager. “We’re really happy with how it turned out.” Since then, they have welcomed a baby girl, Riley, who “loves all the steps in the townhome.”


Caroline R. Merk

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