Meet the Residents: Omid and Yaminah Sattarian

Meet the Residents: Omid and Yaminah Sattarian

Omid and Yaminah “Mina” Sattarian live at 95 Lake in one of the two front facing townhomes. “We were on the market looking for a modern home but we couldn’t find anything,” says Omid. By the time they discovered Eleven River they had “missed the boat.” When they saw renderings for 95 Lake, there was no hesitation. The architectural style and the location captivated them.

The Sattarians had originally hoped to buy a single family house, but the appeal of 95 Lake made the compromise to buy a townhome an easy one. Having Edgewater Park and the beach directly in front of them was another big factor in their decision making process. “I’m on that trail every morning,” says Mina. She also does yoga on their private rooftop deck — her favorite spot in the house.


“We are extremely happy with the end product,” says Mina. “The Brickhaus construction team was phenomenal,” adds Omid. “Vince, the construction manager, was the easiest person to work with.” The couple added many high end finishes and materials to create the home of their dreams. The décor is done in a cool, clean palette spanning every shade of gray, from dove to slate. Much of the furniture is from the RH Modern Line, all of which was custom upholstered to their specifications. The living room is anchored by a striking fireplace that appears to be made of charred wood but is actually an unusual tile. A staircase in the middle of the living/dining/kitchen area is glass enclosed to maintain the openness of the space. Walls of glass allow unobstructed views of Edgewater from inside, or from the spacious L-shaped terrace.


Mina and Omid work downtown and enjoy the proximity from their home. “I’m in wealth management,” says Omid. Mina is a corporate treasury advisor at Key Bank. They both spent most of their lives in Cleveland. Omid is of Persian descent and speaks Farsi. Mina’s mother is from Nicaragua and her father was from Palestine, so she speaks Spanish and Arabic. The couple loves to travel. Each year they fit in a beach vacation to relax and pick a different country to explore.


Caroline R. Merk

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