Meet The Resident: Yaritza Colon

Meet The Resident: Yaritza Colon

Yaritza Colon wanted to downsize from her single family home in West Park and move to a safer neighborhood. Her goal was to find a place that was light and bright, and where she would no longer have to do yard work. She visited many townhome developments, but when she saw RiverSouth, “I was sold,” she says. The convenient location and tax abatement sealed the deal.

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“Andrew Brickman has been awesome – very easy to work with and so honest,” says Yaritza. Alexandra Yonkov helped her with the interior customization to create a beautiful place. “She made it super easy and was spot on with her suggestions.” Yaritza loves her kitchen. “It’s a big deal for me. All of this was standard,” she says gesturing throughout the space. “It blows my mind!” Whenever she had any issues and something needed to be taken care of, she knew she could count on Jaron Schultz. “Jaron was my dude! He is so accommodating; he would pop by anytime.”

Yaritza is a social worker. Her 19-year-old son, Eric, lives with her and goes to school at CSU. “We love it here.”


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