Meet The Resident - Troy Baumann

Meet The Resident - Troy Baumann

Troy Baumann spends a lot of time on the road. The native Texan and his business partners own and operate nursing homes all over the country. He moved to Cleveland when they bought three facilities in the area. His family is in Dallas, so he goes back and forth frequently.

When he was looking for a place to buy, RiverSouth in Fairview Park caught his eye. “It looked different, and like something that I would be interested in,” he says. For Troy, a key factor in purchasing in the Brickhaus development was the convenience of its location. “It’s easy to get downtown, to head west and to get to the airport.”

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The unit Troy chose has a prime view overlooking the Rocky River meandering through the Metroparks. He says the process of customizing the interior was simple and easy, thanks to the people at Brickhaus. “They told me what I could do and what the possibilities were.” Brickhaus designers assisted him with decisions and changes to suit his taste and meets his needs. For example, he wanted the kitchen island to be higher, as he is quite tall, and larger to provide him with ample work space. He also added an expansive bar area. “Alex Yonkov was very helpful with the floor plan,” he says. “It was a very good experience!”



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