Meet The Resident - Dale Nichols

Meet The Resident - Dale Nichols

Dale Nichols moved into 95 Lake in June. Her place is fabulous! It is one of two townhomes in the back of the development, whose configurations are different than the others. Her vast windows on both floors look directly towards Edgewater, like the two front units. The living space is spacious and unobstructed, with natural light coming in from three sides. “I love all the windows, the openness and the view!” The second floor was meant to have three bedrooms, but Dale turned it into two, creating a wonderful master suite with an opulent bathroom and closet. She decorated her home in a palate of white, gray and black, adding interesting and unusual objects d’art throughout. She clearly has a great eye and creative flair, so it comes as no surprise that she works in interior design.

Dale handles private clients and does design work for Z Gallery. She also opened a pop-up consignment store in Little Italy, Consignment Savvy, in March. Among other things, the shop carries some unique design pieces and furniture. “If I see something, I know where it will work and who it will work for. I think about things like that all the time - 24/7. My mind doesn’t shut down!”

She enjoyed the process of customizing her own new residence. “Vince, the Brickhaus construction manager, is a straight shooter,” she says. “He was on top of everything throughout the process.” After moving into 95 Lake, Dale brought in some of her own people to install finishing touches. “Everyone commented on the excellent quality of the home.” She had previously lived in the School House in Little Italy, one of her favorite places in Cleveland. “Now I’m able to cross the street and go to the beach,” she says. “I’m always out walking.”

Dale has two children and “three beautiful grandchildren.” While raising her family in Chagrin Falls she owned a hair salon. At some point, she says, “I decided that I enjoyed interior design.” When she moved to South Beach in Miami - an area she always loved - she did both design work and hair. Her next move was to Scottsdale, Arizona to be close to family. “I worked at Saks in the designer department and did a lot of interior design,” says Dale. “After 2 years, I got sick of desert living, and returned to Cleveland.” Her son remains in Arizona, whereas her daughter has stayed in Chagrin Falls. Both of them work for GE Healthcare.


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