Meet the Resident: Brett Lindsey

Meet the Resident: Brett Lindsey

“I wasn’t in the market for a house,” says Brett Lindsey. “I had a home in Ohio City.” A friend who was looking at Riversouth in Fairview Park heard that Brickhaus was developing 95 Lake, and he brought it to his attention. “He knew I wanted to live closer to Lake Erie.” Brett got in early on 95 Lake, reserving one of the two front units directly across from Edgewater. “I love it. Everything I do is close by,” he says. He works downtown and keeps his boat at Edgewater Yacht Club. His three children, ages 5, 15 and 18, like the proximity to the beach and the marina. “That’s where we spend our time in the summer.” He loves the views and the privacy of the rooftop terrace. “It ends up acting like an outdoor living room space for us to hang out together.”

“The experience with Brickhaus was amazing. They were easy to work and helped get me through the process.” Brett customized the interior, adding elements that bring the outdoors inside. The fireplace is spalted oak travertine in a deep brown, which along with brown leather couches adds warmth to the space. A fabulous white contemporary light fixture almost blew his budget, but it is a standout, serving as a functional piece of art.

Brett grew up in California and attended Oklahoma Christian University. His work brought him to Ohio over 20 years ago. Since 2014 Brett has served as the President and CEO of Everstream, a Midwest region focused network service provider delivering fiber-based Ethernet and internet services to business customers. He recently won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the IT Services sector for the Northeast Ohio region. He is involved in the local tech community supporting startup activities.



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