Meet the Mastermind: Andrew Brickman

Meet the Mastermind: Andrew Brickman

The “mastermind” behind Brickhaus Partners is principal developer, Andrew Brickman. He is the visionary responsible for creating numerous unique, interesting and beautiful residential communities, such as Eleven River, 27 Coltman and Clifton Pointe — among others. With several other projects in the works throughout the city, the man is clearly not done creating his legacy! “Our plan is to make each new property more spectacular than our previous ones,” says Mr. Brickman.


When asked how he got started in the business of building homes, he states, “We are not in the business of building homes; we are in the business of creating lifestyles.” The lifestyle offered by Brickhaus developments targets people who want no maintenance living in walkable neighborhoods, coupled with the finest, eco-friendly architectural design.

Andrew Brickman began as a commercial real estate consultant. What he really wanted to do was to make a difference in the City of Cleveland. He had opportunities elsewhere, but chose to contribute to Cleveland’s renaissance. The Shaker Heights native set out to provide the type of housing alternatives that would not only keep the best and brightest here, but help attract the best and the brightest. Although his business is locally based, his portfolio includes locations all around the world, like a gorgeous eco-friendly resort in Tulum, Mexico.


His business philosophy, which he shares with business owners across the globe, begins with the premise that you must do what you are passionate about. “If you love what you do, no matter what, and persevere — I believe you will eventually achieve the success that you want.”


Caroline R. Merk

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