Brickhaus Testimonials

Brickhaus Testimonials

Rocky River is so fortunate to be the site of two Brickhaus communities!

I love Eleven River. It’s the first architecturally significant addition to the city in a long time –

it’s absolutely stunning!

I’m sure the next project, 700 Lake, will be even more spectacular."

-Amanda Thompson, longtime Rocky River resident

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“We have friends living at Clifton Pointe. Their home is so well designed. I was surprised by how spacious it was. I love the rooftop deck with its million dollar view!”

-Carmella Rego, Entrepreneur - Bella Nonna Knits

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“I didn’t realize that it was the same developer, Brickhaus, responsible for 27 Coltman, Eleven River and 95 Lake. Each development is striking and unique - no cookie cutter look!"

The locations are amazing.” -Joe Dambrowski, Visionary Inc.

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"The design is absolutely amazing.

It puts a smile on my face every time I pull up and walk inside.

My two girls and I had been living in a big house and wanted to simplify. It’s such a great location and the architecture is beautiful."

-Anmarie Thompson, Twenty Four Hundred resident

To learn more about why these residences are receiving praise, get in touch with us!


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