5 Ways to Bring Your Living Room Into 2019

5 Ways to Bring Your Living Room Into 2019

It’s no secret that at Brickhaus, we pride our construction and design on quality, sustainability, and of course, aesthetic appeal.

As a real estate development company with firm interest in both the development and design of property across all real-estate sectors, we are continually looking for ways to help current, and prospective clients, sharpen their decorating skills and craft a modern style all their own.

With all that in mind, it should come as no surprise that we’re consistently researching, brainstorming, and mindfully creating the perfect concept of what a sustainable, modern room should look like. In this case, we’re speaking specifically about a modern living room.

Design—no matter the context—is a fluid concept.

While it’s vital to develop your own unique, personal style, we also know how welcomed professional advice and inspiration can be when it comes to designing a trendy, aesthetic, and accessible space.

Take a look around your living room. Ask yourself—does this space have sustainable, stunning, or luxury features? Does this living room scream 2019?

Or is it, unfortunately, stuck somewhere in the antiquated, dark-stained-eclectic-clutter-statement-upholstered past? If it is, know this—we’re here to help.

We’ve pieced together some of the most sustainable, modern, and aesthetic trends for your living room to help bring it into 2019. Check out our five favorite trends here!


enter image description hereIf you’re not familiar with biophilia, allow us to introduce you to something so visually appealing, earthily-modern, and sustainably-minded that you’re going to beg us to design your living room with this concept in mind.

Biophilia—in designer terms—emphasizes the mutual relationship between humankind and nature, using design elements (such as organic, natural materials) to draw connections between the two and create a more natural, earthy space. This trend stems from our inclination to incorporate technology and machines into our everyday lives. As people, we crave that connection to nature. It’s only natural that as our routines evolve and advance, our desire to return to nature, from a stylistic standpoint, would evolve, too.

This type of design can be implemented in different ways in your living room. It can be as simple as including natural and organic materials like organic wood floors, indoor plant life, or a focus on natural light. Or, you can get more intricate with it¬—create living walls inside, implement the sight and sound of water, and ensure that your living room space has access to natural scenery and settings.

The most important concept to master with biophilia in your living room is to ensure you’re integrating design that’s as natural and organic as possible—that’s truly the only way to satisfy that biophilic craving.

The “In Color” — Living Coral

enter image description hereEvery year, we patiently wait for Pantone to release their Pantone Color of the Year, an event that foreshadows and masterfully paints the picture of what we can expect in color design for the coming year.

As designers, we absolutely live for this.

This year, Pantone color experts chose a tone we didn’t know we needed but we’re not sure how we lived without—living coral. A gorgeous, warm, and peachy orange (with subtle but lifting golden undertones), Living Coral is a bold and bright shade that’s definitely already making its way into homes, apartments, townhouses, offices, and living spaces everywhere.

The color was chosen by Pantone for its welcoming, optimistic, and earthbound feel—which, to us, sounds like the perfect shade for a 2019 living room, a space that’s quite literally dedicated to being welcoming and comfortable.

Like you probably picked up on, we really enjoy living coral and think it can be incredibly suitable for living rooms.

This color is incredibly versatile —another reason we love it. It could be the kind of color you paint an entire room, but it’s also a beautiful shade to aid in your decorating.

Perhaps add in some smaller, but bold, living coral details, like decorative pillows, a rug. Or, go bold, and throw in a living coral fainting couch or armchair. The possibilities for living coral are endless.

That being said, we want you to remember something important – you don’t need to live and die by this color. Sure, it’s topical, it’s trendy, and it’s so modern it practically yells “2019” at the top of its lungs, but remember, it’s your living room. There are plenty of other palettes you can choose from if Living Coral isn’t your shade of choice.

Hand-Made, Sustainable Pieces

enter image description hereLike the biophilia trend, this 2019 trend focuses on returning to grounding elements that come from nature. Integrating hand-made and sustainable pieces into living spaces everywhere has taken 2019 by storm so far, and we anticipate this will continue to flood interior design concepts for years to come.

In the place of eclectic, cluttered, and technologically-driven pieces in the home, people are returning to decorative and functional pieces that are made out of natural, sustainable materials in an effort to feel more in touch with the earth. Consider pieces that are made of materials like recycled wood, clay, rice paper, stone, and other natural materials for your vases, furniture, artwork, and more.

Sustainability is a vital piece of who we are at Brickhaus, so it goes without saying that we’re all about this trend and think it makes sense to decorate your living room with this in mind.

Your living room is your living space, it’s a place where you should feel comfortable, relaxed, and in touch with yourself and your home. Hand-made pieces that are crafted from sustainable materials can go a long way to making you feel more connected with your space and your planet.

Less is Always Better than More

enter image description hereAs self-proclaimed lovers of sustainable style and minimalist design, we’re thrilled that one of the top trends for 2019 is about being purposeful and specific with decorating your space.

To be clear, we don’t mean that you need to Marie Kondo everything that’s already in your living room (although, if you want to do that, that’s good, too), but we do think that if you’re trying to modernize your living room space, a great place to start is focusing on the less is more concept.

Try redecorating your space by recognizing your purchasing ethos and questioning if it’s sustainable and purposeful.

Ask yourself a few questions—what materials are used in this item? Where am I purchasing this from? Do I know what their values are? Will this item serve a purpose, or will it simply take up space?

Integrating purposeful, functional, minimalistic, and sustainable design into your living room will immediately help to modernize your space, giving it a timeless foundation to build on for years to come.

Comfort Has a Place

enter image description hereLiving room trends of the past have placed so much emphasis on modern style that looked chic and aesthetic but totally skimped on providing a comfortable place. Isn’t comfort kind of the point of a living room to begin with?

Don’t get us wrong, we love a modern, stylish aesthetic (check out some of our recent projects for proof), but we don’t think you should sacrifice comfort, or desire to spend time in a room, strictly for the look. Luckily, 2019 ushered in a trend we’ve been loving for years—comfort in the living room. We’re talking soft, plush rugs under your feet, couches you could lounge on for days, and chairs that you actually want to sit in during your social gatherings.

Toss out that lacquered, angled, uncomfortable furniture and fall back into the comfy sofa you’ve been dreaming of (maybe in a shade of living coral to keep it really modern).

At Brickhaus, we’re always focused on developing aesthetic and luxury spaces with a mindful focus on sustainability, comfort, and quality. As part of that mindfulness, we always do our best to share our tips, tricks, advice, and inspiration with those who seek it.

Our blog is here to help answer your questions, provide insight, and keep you up-to-date on the latest trends within the design and development spheres. Have a question for us? We’d love to hear from you! Reach out to Brickhaus at 216-360-8313 or check out our contact page to send us an inquiry!


Hanna Marcus

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