Original article posted on Crain's Cleveland Business April 13, 2019 04:00 AM by Douglas J. Guth.

Andrew Brickman, a 20-year real estate veteran and owner of Brickhaus Partners, recently partnered with Horton Harper on the Twenty Four Hundred townhome project in Beachwood along with six contemporary residences in Chagrin Falls.

His three years working with the studio has revealed a gifted team of designers skilled at planning economically viable properties for Northeast Ohio buyers.

"Mike and Wes are two of the most talented architects in the region," he said. "We gave them an opportunity, and they exceeded our expectations."

Brickman is happy to see young designers flourishing, particularly a pair able to glean the multidimensional scope of the complicated projects undertaken by Brickhaus.

"As a residential developer going into many different environments, we need to adapt to fit the fabric of a particular neighborhood," Brickman explained. "(Horton Harper) translates our vision into reality so it's not only a pretty picture on paper. I expect more great things from them in the future."

After launching the studio in their 30s, Horton and Harper expect their 40s to include increased prosperity and more work emphasizing quality over quantity.

"We're not going to be taking everything that comes our way. We want to do fewer projects a year, but they'll be better projects," said Harper. "We won't grow for growth's sake. It's going to be on our terms, which is how we've approached this from the beginning."


Original article posted on Crain's Cleveland Business April 13, 2019 04:00 AM by Douglas J. Guth.