Andrew has been working on the different real-estate venture developments in Cleveland for more than 20 years, and brings them all together under one parent company, Brickhaus Partners. Born and raised in Shaker Heights, he is passionate about Cleveland and has made it his mission to make the city a better place through real estate development projects.

Andrew’s interest in sustainable design can be attributed, in part, to his extensive travel experiences. He recognized a niche in the higher-end market and set out to rebuild the city and inner-ring suburbs, building the kind of housing that helps to attract and retain Cleveland’s brightest.

He earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Colorado and studied environmental design in the school of architecture. He has completed additional studies in urban design at Harvard University. Additionally, he has offered insight as a Guest Lecturer at the University of Akron Law School; Cleveland Chapter of the American Institute of Architects; Levin College of urban Studies at Cleveland State University; Shaker Heights High School and the School of Architecture and Design at Kent State University. In 2012, Andrew led the Cleveland HBA Smarthome Tour as a featured “Urban Development Expert” on Channel 3, WKYC and Real-Estate Lifestyles Network.

In addition to pursuits in real estate, Andrew is a producer of several awardwinning films, a student of auyervedic medicine and involved in the arts, local politics and several non-profits. He enjoys traveling, reading and sports. These interests have taken him around the world to over 50 countries and frequently to India, where Andrew sponsors a soccer team for underprivileged youth in Kovalom.

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