Brickhaus Sustainable Low-Maintenance Gardens—As in the case with our 27 Coltman Luxury Townhome design, we pursued the creation of an "Urban Prairie" sustainable low-maintenance garden—a former brownfield and oil depot, the vacant lots provided immense expanses of green space or fill. The award-winning Urban Prairie garden, a low-maintenance landscape of perennial indigenous plants require little or no irrigation systems. 

Brickhaus Bioswale—Conveyance systems providing a sensible alternative to traditional storm sewers run-off, whereby absorbing low flows or carrying runoff from heavy rains and snowmelt to storm sewer inlets or directly to surface waters. Bioswales provide a huge improvement in water quality by enhancing infiltration of the "first flush of storm water runoff" preventing water source pollution. 

Brickhaus Rain Garden—Preventing desertification and slows natural water absorption by catching recirculated storm water runoff through impervious surfaces while recharging groundwater allowing water-tolerant plants to absorb water.