The Eleven River Luxury Townhomes

STARTING AT $789,000 


Eleven Residences. One Opportunity. Nestled within the exposed shale cliffs of the Rocky River watershed sits one of North America's most significant architectural statements. Eleven custom-designed private residences cantilever out over the water featuring rooftop kitchens with outdoor fireplaces, living greeroofs and state-of-the-art Control 4® home automation technology. To schedule a private tour or to receive more information: 216-360-8313 or email us at

On Cleveland’s west side, The Eleven River Luxury Townhomes are located in a completely private enclave just south of Detroit Road, overlooking Rocky River and the Cleveland Metroparks. The Eleven River Luxury homes hold the Gold Standard for green building and offer the most advanced in sustainable and eco-friendly technology featuring innovations from geothermal heating and cooling to Nichiha eco-conscious exteriors while also offering proximity to the Cleveland Metroparks, fine dining, and luxurious boutiques. Eleven River has geothermal heating and cooling, eco-conscious bamboo flooring, state of the art Control4 SmartHome Technology, and an optional Living Green Roof with Green outdoor spaces. Eleven River melds into its natural surroundings and is unapologetically modern” with clean stucco and wood panel facades, to accentuate the curve of the river. The split-level floor arrangement and interior sitelines provide unique views from each townhome and residents who are interested have the option of an elevator, dock and plunge pool. Sustainable materials and geothermal heating and cooling, “unheard of in a townhome project,” elevate the design to a “gold-star” eco-standard from the National Association of Home Builders. Expanses of glass framed by eco-sensitive woods, stainless steel and Nichiha welcome natural light into the bright, open interiors. Additionally, each townhome will be equipped with Control 4 Smart Technology, complete with an advanced security and fire monitoring/sprinkler system.
The Eleven River homes make accessing Lake Erie as easy as walking down backyard steps onto a private boat dock and taking off. Each home can easily reach not only the river and the lake but also the award winning Cleveland Yachting club famous for its sailing and yachting excursion. Our townhomes’ design evolved in response to the special characteristics of the waterfront site—the dramatic slope down to the river’s edge, the exceptional views of the Rocky River and Metro parks, and the grand backdrop of the Detroit Avenue Bridge. Building the last two projects on infill sites that were previously deemed non-buildable is completely in concert with the partners’ underlying theme of social responsibility. From community gardens to beautification committees, Rocky River does its utmost to keep its residents aware and alive in the brainstorming of creative ideas to make it healthier. It is the belief and practice of the team to follow the city’s lead and become involved with each community on all levels 
and to seek to improve and enhance these areas for all residents both current and future.

ARCHITECTDimit Architects

DEVELOPERAndrew Brickman,

FILM COMPANYHerman-Scheer, Los Angeles, California



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